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Pc Cd got stuck in ps3 by mistake, what to do?

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    My little borther (3 years old) took some 2 Pc CD’s and kept them inside the Ps3, i could remove one but the other got stuck and i tried all solutions possible like force eject using a tweezers…etc

    what should i do,please help cuz my ps3 is my whole life



    open up the ps3 and open the drive to pull it out watch out for the little red wire tho



    Dont open the ps3 by yourself. you will only void the warranty and you may mess up something. Best thing to do is take it to a sony service center in your area and they will get it fixed within 10 minutes. If there isnt a sony service center in your area then take it to some game store who have got experience in doing this job. If there isnt anyone who fix it then do it by yourself but be very careful. Make sure you dont damage the blu ray laser.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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