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apple iphone 3GS???????????????????

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    how good is this phone,what are the advantages and disadvantages.
    is this a worthy product for your money.



    This phone is the greatest device I’ve purchased. It is second only to my MacBook Laptop. Seriously. And I’m an adult.

    If you like technology, like games, like carrying only one device this phone is for you.

    The only disadvantage is you can only buy one (discounted) on a new AT&T plan, and AT&T doesn’t allow pic msg for Iphone yet.
    Other than that their service is great, not too expensive and it even works in this small rural town I have to work in.

    It’s seriously the best phone ever.
    so much more….

    It’s worth every penny.



    Actually, the iphone 3gS does support picture and multimedia messaging from phone to phone! All iphones can also, if you download the new update that came with the 3Gs free for all iphones.

    And this product is totally worth the money!! There are 4 things that I can’t ever leave my house without: Keys, wallet, cellphone and MP3 player. Now, with the iphone, the MP3 player and cellphone are the same device, so I have more room in my pockets now!

    With all of the apps, the iphone has a never ending list of features

    I never really was a mac person before I got my iphone – I always had PCs before. But, when it was time to buy a new laptop because my stupid HP computer broke, I got a Macbook because I had been introduced to the cool features that Apple has across all of it’s products (like the multi touch touchpad on the macbook! amazing!)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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