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Symbian,android or windows phone,which is best for gaming?

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    Duke of Nothing


    Symbian is outdated and windows isn’t advanced enough.



    android is the best.



    Android obviously.



    Bro all you know that symbian 600MHz mobiles(NOKIA N8 C7 E7) are doing well in gaming. Great graphics . So what a symbian 1 GHz mobile with graphics processor can do with games



    For now, Android is the best gaming platform out of the 3. As there are large numbers of different Android handsets, there are some that will be brilliant for gaming as the hardware is capable of doing so. Also the Android Market is filled with so many games (including very popular ones on all platforms). You can obviously find some more games in other app stores too.

    Symbian also have a lot of games to offer (find the good ones from their Nokia Store). But, they don’t offer as much and the game quality (and graphics) aren’t as good as their Android, iOS and Windows Phone counterparts. However, they are there and will work quite decently on their latest Symbian devices. But I wouldn’t recommend getting a Symbian phone as they are now only available on low end to mid range handsets (referring to the new ones only).

    Windows Phone has potential. But it has the least amount of games out of the 3. But this is mainly because it’s still a new platform. Give it some time and the number of apps and games available will be as much as those of Android Market and App Store. Most of the games on the Windows Phone Marketplace isn’t really that good at this point in time. But some of the popular ones can still be found (Angry Birds for example). But the downside about Windows Phone is how expensive the games are compared to other platforms with the same games. Symbian is the same too, but it’s still cheaper than those Windows Phone’s apps and games. iOS and Android games are cheaper.

    Let’s compare pricing of the game, Angry Birds for Symbian, Android, Windows Phone and iOS (in my country):

    iOS: $ 1
    Symbian: $ 2
    Android: Free (Ad-Supported) or $ 1 (No Ads)
    Windows Phone: $ 3.50

    In the mean time, out of the 3 platforms, Android is better for gaming. There are some Android devices designed with gaming in mind:

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
    Samsung Galaxy S II
    HTC Sensation
    LG Optimus 2X
    LG Optimus 3D
    Motorola Atrix

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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