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Angry birds and android phones?

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    lawrence m

    I bought an LG Vortex (crappy low-end 3G) Droid phone..Only thing done out of the package is install Angry Birds, Seasons and Rio. The games play terrible..very choppy much like a computer playing a game with an inadequate graphics card or not enough memory. Now there’s mcdonalds commercials playing at the end of each level! If the ads are causing such crappy gameplay, does it not make sense to just provide users the oppurtunity to pay for the game so we can enjoy it the way it was meant to be played?


    Judgment Day is 5.21.11

    No…because if wasn’t free, less (a lot) people would play it…


    Kammi Ketamine

    My mommy has an Andriod with AB and AB Rio app it did make her phone slow.



    The Vortex has a 600Mhz CPU. Like computers, CPUs are important for smart phones. I wouldn’t recommend anything less than 800Mhz for Angry Birds. Most newer phones these days (unless on a VMNO) are 1Ghz, and Dual Core 1Ghz are coming out (1 already on T-Mobile).The fact there are ads are the easiest part of the app, so even when there is a premium version, you would still be SOL.

    Sorry, I can’t give you any answer other than replace the phone. If you do this, get the most capable you can afford, you would delay the legacy. As during the time that PCs became obsolete in 6 months on the low end models when the 1Ghz marker was broken several years ago, so will this problem come to smart phones. As standards are getting more higher end, low end phones will be left behind.

    Hope this helps,


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