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Android 1.6 installation issues?

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    I have a Motorola Devour with Android 1.6 installed on it. I’m trying to install ADW launcher for it, and I had it on there once, but now I can either A) reinstall it but not access the actual program on my phone, like I can’t open it; or B) download it from site instead of market place and it won’t let me install.

    Also, trying to find video codecs as well. I try to watch various online videos and some work and others say they cannot be played on device.

    And lastly, would like to know if I factory reset my phone if I will lose contacts as well? I know no SD card info is lost but what about contacts?

    Just overall help would be great.



    You should be able to open it by using an app called Home Switcher. You cannot install video codecs to phones- the required drivers are part of the OS and cannot be modified or added in any way. If you factory reset the phone, everything will be lost, but it should all be saved to your Gmail account, so everything should be re-synced when you set up the Gmail account again

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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