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Theme and market problem for ANDROID 2.2 (should be easy for you lott ;D)?

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    Hey everyonee
    im having seriouse trouble with my SanFrancisco phone from orange ( Zte Blade )
    iv successfully rooted my phone and have clockworkrecoveryMod Working fab
    but i have a couple of problems, i recently upgraded to froyo (android 2.2) using this page: Orange San Francisco phone handset – How to unlock, root and upgrade Android 2.1 to 2.2 FroYo The IT Bod
    i have done this correctly and im happy with the result, (apart from all my data been lost, but i dont mind as long as i have froyo
    but heres the problem,

    I realllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like this theme
    Minimal Matte 1.5 CM6 Full Rom! 8/7 – xda-developers

    so iv saved the theme as and put it in the root of my phone,
    then i opend clockwork and selected the theme correctly, and installation was succesfull,
    but when i boot up again after the installation the android startup screen is stuck,
    anyone helpp plzzz



    First, notice how your Theme says CM6? Well that means it will only work with CM6 ROM from Cyanogen. You can’t just flash whatever theme you want all nilly willy like. There is a lot more to a theme than just pictures.

    So you’re going to have to boot back into recovery mode and do a nand restore if you made a back up, or reflash your rom that you originally flashed. You shouldn’t lose anything if you reflash.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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