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C6 or E75 or 5800 which mobile is the best ? HELP !?

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    Devil D

    I just won Nokia E75 in a Lucky Draw. But still i did not open the packing, so i am thinking to change it from the Nokia store and buy Nokia C6 Or 5800 Mobile (by just paying more 300 Qatari Riyals = 83 USD ) but i am confused which one is better, and i got a couple of questions that are making me confused and which are as follows:
    1. Should i not change the mobile and remain with nokia E75 ?
    2. Or if i should change by buying a new mobile then which one is better C6 or 5800 ?
    3. Or if you think that there is a better mobile than these two above said mobiles then which mobile should i buy (but i don’t want black berry or samsung galaxy or any other expensive mobile and not even of any other company else than Nokia)
    4. And if i choose Nokia C6 then i am afraid that it’s sliding may get spoiled.
    5. And if i choose 5800 then it has no keypad.
    6. And if i choose E75 then it’s screen is way too short.

    So i want to know what your suggestion is. Please suggest me the Best Mobile and enlist me the disadvantages and defects as well as the advantages of all the three above said mobiles, so that i may choose the best. And also tell me in detail which one of the mobiles would go SUPERB for at least 2 years or more. Best Answer 10 Points. Please suggest me the best one. Thanks.


    parth dey




    of course 5800 is better. They’re not comparable. The sound quality, screen quality and network supporting is really great and touch ability, camera 3.2 mega pixel and video camera is really great and There’s a good second camera which is to make video calls.Nokia 5800 supports more apps and genders, the bluetooth is very excellent and fast and there’s another great thing for 5800. It has a very nice navigator that has excellent maps and supports great signal… 5800 has two editions: XpressMusic and navigation edition. If you want the map to be really astounding buy navigation edition but if you do a lot with media get the XpressMusic, of course xpresdmusic has the navigator and map too
    Choice is yours :-)
    Good luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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