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PS2 Android Emulator! Who wants it?

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    Krissh !

    Do you think a PS2 Android Emulator would be good?

    Yes, no, why not?

    Sign the Petiton
    You cant have a PS4 Emulator???

    Im taking about PS2


    Tech Dude

    The PS4′s out already. This should have been for the PS4.


    In Justice We Trust!

    You know there isn’t an android device that would be fast enough to emulate PS2 games properly, right? High end PCs can barely do it.

    Making a petition doesn’t make it any more possible to do. There’s a huge difference between a game running natively on Android and creating an emulator for a an entire system.



    You obviously dont understand much about emulation :/

    Instead of an Intel or AMD x86 CPU, the ps2 uses an custom ibm chip manufactured by sony and toshiba. Games are programmed for this CPU: when emulating, every basic instruction a game runs needs to be translated to something a PC can execute. Depending on the instruction, this can take from 2x to 100x clock cycles.

    The RAM in these consoles is SRAM, smaller but faster than the SDRAM used in a PC. It is also shared between CPU and GPU, which makes operations like texture uploads (CPU memory to GPU memory) or framebuffer copies (GPU memory to CPU memory) a lot less demanding than they are on a PC.

    The GPU is not using shaders: every graphics effect and every computation done by the game is executed directly by the hardware without an intermediate programming language. This does not match how a PC GPU works at all. Emulation uses shaders on the PC GPU to translate what the GC GPU can do directly in hardware, causing it to run a lot slower.

    A PC runs an operating system in order to be able to run several programs at the same time. A GameCube or a Wii does not have the same requirement and can directly execute things on the hardware without going through the operating system, making a lot of communication between chips faster.

    So because of this, emulating a game is FAR FAR more demanding then running it natively.
    This makes ps2 emulation impossible for android (unless you have one of those laptops also has an android OS on it), since you need atleast a 2.4ghz+ core i3 or better cpu in order to get playable frame rates.
    This is impossible on a phone/tablet or even the nvidia shield.

    Why would you petition for something that is physically impossible?
    If one was made EVERY game would play at 1 fps…



    Emulation is not that simple, just as they said. I have an NVIDIA SHIELD and would LOVE to play ps2 on it but I know that ps2 emulation for current gen handheld devices is not even close to being able to achieve ps2 emulation. It is CORRECT that you must possess a high end pc to be able to make current attempts at ps2 emulation possible.



    I think the programmers didn’t even tried at all…However software isn’t optimized that well on Android…no real games for Android…Besides NOVA 3,Asphalt 8,FIFA 14,Shadowgun and MC4…what do we need such processing power like Snapdragon 800 with 2.4 ghz quad core , if there are no real apps…And one more thing…console games should run fine on computers SINCE THEY ARE COMPUTER MADE,right?

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